Saturday, April 13, 2013

2003 looking back - a photo journal of Natalie's first year!

Natalie was breaking out of her shell.

Celebrating our homecoming!

Natalie with Oma and Opa

Enjoying all her new toys

Yes - she really fell asleep at the table

Our princess Amanda and Natalie

1st day of pre-school

Halloween fun

Fall harvest

Well, I am finally completed typing our story. I can’t believe how long it has taken me. It was very pleasurable to go back and read about our experience in Ukraine. Every day that goes by, the memories become more precious to me. Natalie is doing so wonderfully! 

She truly is our Ukrainian angel! 

She has adjusted so well to her new life in America. She is not quiet or shy anymore. She is very outgoing and cheerful. She still makes the cutest faces and smiles so beautifully. She is witty, smart, fun, playful and full of energy every day. She has a great attitude towards life and is a daredevil! She is not afraid of too many things. She is learning so much English every day!

She is very independent and confident.

The other day, she did the funniest thing (July 12, 2003). Our neighbor down the road (Kathy Pickert) cleaned out her youngest daughters clothes and passed them on to us. Natalie was so thrilled!  She went through the basket and immediately picked out the winter hat, gloves and snow boots. Natalie put them on (let me remind you that the temperature was pushing 100 degrees outside). She told me that she wanted it to snow! I tried to explain to her that it is not going to snow today. She asked me in Russian “zaftra?” (tomorrow?) I told her “many many zaftra’s from now!”

Always a trooper
Natalie kept asking for snow on a 100 degree day
This summer Natalie has been introduced to the swimming pool. She is a fish! She jumps in, goes under water, kicks, splashes and never wants to get out of the water! She looks so natural in the water! It is hard to believe that the first bath experience was such an awful one!

Water rat and no fear!
 Amanda and Alex adore her too! Alex said "It’s   hard to imagine our life without her!” 
She fits in so well.  Amanda loves sharing rooms with her and loves to take her shopping. 
Her softball team even made up a cheer with Natalie’s cute Russian words!

So far, in 3 months’ time, Natalie has done so many things for the 1st time!

*Going swimming-even in the deep end by herself
*Riding in a car seat, (we did not see one car seat in Ukraine)
*Watching fireworks on her first “Independence Day,” after a while she hid under the blanket, she   wanted them to be over.
*Going to see “Finding Nemo” at the movies
 *Watching tons of baseball and softball games-what a trooper
*Meeting new friends
*Having her own toys and clothes
*Going shopping the first time to “Super Wal-Mart” with Mom and Dad! Now when we go shopping she says “no shopping.”
*Going camping
*Going to a rodeo and even petting a horse
*Having pretty much whatever you want for breakfast!

Waking up each morning and being able to pursue her dreams!

Gotcha Day April 3, 2013
Christmas 2003

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