Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Dad

When a person becomes a parent they are forever connected to that child and wanting to foster a greater connection.  Furthermore, it is immensely satisfying when that child reaches out to you, and you can fill their need.  A busy life can mute these feelings, and stress can overpower these simple rewards if not listened to carefully.  A few days ago something happened that I cherish so much, but have a hard time explaining to just anyone how special it really was. It was an honor to hear these two spoken words that are so rich in meaning to me.  Far beyond just the literal words spoken, there was a real symbol of connection that I heard.  Unlike others who have adopted and only been able to dream of this experience, I (like Kris too) am the recipient for more than a dozen times now this particular experience, and each time is still just as sweet as the last. Our recent addition to our family has helped to renew some parenting bonds and rekindle some of the fire that supports my drive for life.
There was a loving tone of a sweet and soft voice who just then, at that point in time, has announced that she is in need of me.  There was a lifting of tone, because a question was clearly about to follow.  However, it was not the content of the question, or the meaning of the answer that left me so taken and gratified with such a sense of satisfaction.  Just the simplicity of those two words getting of my attention was like a feather stopping a bull in his tracks………
"hey Dad?" 
uttered Samantha as she looked up to me for help with her question of how to finish raking the leaves.

After giving her the simplest guidance and returning a gentle smile, I thought at first how silly I am for having such a reaction in my heart to such a plain little thing.  Next, I thought how I must be tired and just missing my family already.  Especially knowing that I am having to head to work in a few moments; and I am perfectly content to spend a little more time in our awesome farm yard getting re-acquainted.  It was a harsh winter in Ukraine that we left just a few days ago and now I am home to 55 degrees and a full sky of sun.  (actually even oblivious to the news reports of deaths due to the severe cold in Eastern Europe)  Maybe I am just emotional because of this long absence of our dear comforts of home.  Or maybe our heavenly Father wanted to give me a taste of what He feels each time he hears for the first few times our meek little voices uttering
"Dear Jesus…………………."

I think it might be a combination of a few of these, but mostly the last one.  How sweet these words must sound to Jesus knowing the context of everything that is behind, in front of, and following these literal words of "Dear Jesus."
Spoken  ……………..    heard?

Dear Jesus………..(are you there?)
Dear Jesus………..(I need you)
Dear Jesus………..(I recognize you are my father)
Dear Jesus………..(I want to reach out to you)
Dear Jesus………..(You have an answer)
Dear Jesus………..(I Love You)